Learn Peggy's Story

Hear a unique version of the legend of “Peggy of the Cove” through song, books, and dolls.

In his book, "This is Peggy's Cove", William deGarthe wrote: "Many have asked how Peggy's Cove got its name? There are two versions in existance and the first has been generally more accepted, because of its romantic and dramatic appeal to most people. The story goes that a schooner was wrecked on 'Halibut Rock' off the Lighthouse Point in a 'southeaster', in sleet and fog on a dark October night. The ship ran hard aground and with high waves washing her decks, some of her crew climbed to the masts, but the waves washed them into the boiling sea. Everyone on board was lost except one woman, who managed to survive the turbulent seas, swam ashore and was finally rescued by people on the shore.

Her name was Margaret, and she married one of the eligible bachelors of the Cove. The people from near-by places used to come to visit Peggy of the Cove, and before long they began to call the place Peggy's Cove. How true this story is no one knows.There are no documents to confirm or refute it.

In the second version, perhaps not so romantic, but more logical, Peggy's Cove, being situated to the entrance to St Margaret's Bay, was shortened from Margaret's Cove."