Go Bouldering

WARNING: Have fun but please explore and climb with extreme caution. Injury and death have resulted from bouldering.

Bouldering in the Prospect Area of Nova ScotiaThe Peggy's Cove Region of Nova Scotia has an extremely unique landscape with a vast variety of terrain, all just a short drive from downtown Halifax. The land was scraped and molded by the migration of massive glaciers thousands of years ago, tearing away large rocks and virtually all vegetation and topsoil. Left behind were enormous boulders, called glacier erratics, and granite shores.
Bouldering at Prospect Nova ScotiaThe world famous Prospect area offers some of the best bouldering in Nova Scotia. Boulders, some weighing several tons are scattered all along the coast as if they were conveniently placed on top of one another.

While approximately 750, 000 people visit the area each year, there are miles to explore and solitary climbing is not hard to come by. Everywhere you travel you will find climbing spots. Please chose your climbing difficulty according to your physical abilities.
Bouldering, Dover Island, Nova Scotia
Dover Island is home to the annual “Boulderfest” held every June, visit 
http://www.climbnovascotia.ca/about.html for more information on the Boulderfest. East and West Dover are separated by the McGrath Cove, and is accessible from Highway 333 – The Lighthouse Route. There is a wide range of terrain from beginner to expert, depending on where you travel.  Here is a great blog showcasing some of the terrain offered in Dover: http://boulderingnovascotia.blogspot.com/search/label/dover%20island

Bouldering, Terance Bay, Nova ScotiaTerance Bay is home to more advanced bouldering, mostly V4 and above, however intermediate terrain is also available in the area. Terance Bay is located off Highway 333, between Peggy’s Cove and Halifax. Terance Bay is home to the SS. Atlantic tragedy and has one of the most spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean in all of Nova Scotia, making this site certainly worth the drive.